Thursday, December 27, 2007

Two types of people

There are two types of people in this world that I have unmeasurable feelings of hate for and thus I take this opportunity to discuss them in detail.

The Negomaniac

The Negomaniac prides his or herself on being the most positive person they know when in true fact, they are the opposite. Thriving on other peoples sympathy and kindness, they will often speak, or write, about their ill health, their bad luck or their downfalls - taking every opportunity to turn anything remotely positive into something obscenely negative. They also manage to push the blame for their circumstance onto some other unsuspecting soul who is simply just trying to live their life and be happy. This often results in them attacking, or stalking, the said soul for days, weeks, even months at a time. Consistantly bombarding them with letters, emails or text messages to remind them how they have apparently brought about the end of the Negomaniacs life.

And oh, how sometimes we wish it really was.

The Homewrecker

The Homewrecker loves monogamy. From their partner towards themselves but disregards it when it comes to themselves towards their partners. They also disregard it when it comes to other people and their partners - often choosing to embark on sexual adventures with people who are committed to others; beastly careless if it destroys the other persons relationship or not. Provided the Homewrecker gets their fix and has their faithful partner to go back to at the end of their romp, they simply do not care. However, life can go balls up for the Homewrecker when their 'faithful' partner decides they have had enough of the Homewreckers antics and decides to move onto greener pastures. Or should I say, cleaner beaches with no crabs as it may be.

Its rather amusing to me to have discovered that these two traits can be found within the one person. Hi Nic, sweetheart, this ones for you.

I've not said a word about your looks other than that I think you are a rather pretty girl, and yet you have called me the fugliest thing you have ever seen. I've been nice, in the hopes that you guys can stay friends but alas, you shoot me down in flames whenever I try, claiming that I'm being underhand, sly and downright cruel. So I give up. Now my blog child can announce to the world about your infidelity, really, cheating once wasn't enough, you had to do it twice? But its okay, because you apologized for it. Sorry honey, but the world doesn't quite work that way. But you've proved that you don't know much about how the world works through being a Negomaniac. Instead of looking to others to lay blame, look within girl, because if you open your eyes, you'll find it. Some people in this world offer their kindness and generosity because they are actually kind and generous people, which was my intention when I messaged you, those that automatically assume the person did it to be nasty have a real problem and a guilty conscience. I hope 2008 teaches you to live your life, instead of letting it be controlled by your illness. I understand a lot more than you think owing to the amount of terminal illness in my family., but it doesnt stop them from living life to the fullest, as life was intended to be lived.

Now, dear readers, on a much more happy note, Cam and I will very soon have an internet connection and will be able to return to you as the supreme diabolical genius force that we are, bringing you more satire and wit as we venture together into 2008. But first, I have an itch that requires scratching.. if you know what I mean... ;) *Meow*

- Miss ~K~