Wednesday, August 29, 2007

C'est La Lune

Well, I'm not quite sure about the rest of you, but I believe that c0mandr and I excelled ourselves with the superfluous entertainment we provided last night for your viewing pleasure. I trust that you were all completely enamored by our display of Lunar Manipulation and I hope that now you have an understanding of the sheer potency of our combined power.

I stumbled across a paragraph today which I have decided to share with you all, for it is what c0mandr and I hope you will be able to relate to in the coming months of regularly visiting this page.

"My earliest aesthetic experience revolved around a small, clear plastic bottle of green-apple bubble-bath. To my parents a casually accepted free sample at the supermarket, it was to me a jewel that I discovered while my mother was giving me a bath. I was held in thrall by its endless greenness, its unctuous ooze, its divine smell. It left me dumb with pleasure."

'Dumb with pleasure' is indeed what we are hoping you will experience from the incessant ramblings and splinters of sheer verbal ingenuity spewing forth from our collective minds.

To share with you another quote, this time not aimed at you, but rather at myself, perhaps giving you further insight to my insanity, I leave you with this.

"My other earliest memory is vague, no more than a distant feeling that I can sometimes seize, most often not. Being so dimly remembered, perhaps it came first. I became aware of a voice inside my head. What is this, I wondered. Who are you, voice? When will you shut up? I remember a feeling of fright. It was only later that I realized that this voice was my own thinking, that this moment of anguish was my first inkling that I was a ceaseless monologue trapped within myself."

- Miss ~K~ x.