Tuesday, September 4, 2007

If the world was literal, I'd piss my pants.

Keeping with c0mandr's theming regarding the English language, I thought we'd take a look at what it would mean if we took signs literally, particularly ones found on toilet doors.

Toilets are complicated.

Here are some of the signs I'm talking about;

And if I'm not wearing a dress....?

But I don't have a hat?!

A dog toilet??

Its suggesting we do what in the toilet??

So I have to wait till its really urgent?

Only if I'm a man with two left feet?

If I'm confused about my gender identity?

Its acceptable practice? If so, can I peer over the wall too?

Well, Its good to know where our kind is welcome.

Men, woman, and midgets in wheelchairs welcome?

Men to the left, Women to the right, but if your a baby or retarded, you don't get one.

Posted for shits and giggles - Miss ~K~ xx.