Sunday, September 9, 2007

*trips and falls into the limelight*

Many apologies for the late update folks, my attention was focused on conquering the universe, which is proving surprisingly easy! Well that, and the fact that assignments and work are the bane of us all.

I spent the first half of this year working an internship I hated, and was lucky enough to be done with it by the end of may. Now I have to recount the horror and dread in a report explaining what I learned. Here is what I learnt: That working in the taxi industry sucks, that working in a place where you are the only native English speaker sucks, that dealing with dodgy taxi drivers day in and day out sucks, and that getting paid under minimum wage [while not even being on the books]... you guessed it... fucking blows. The agreed conclusion to this 6 months in hell between Miss K and I was that:

In summary, I conclude that songtec are clearly using their technology to deliver subliminal messages to the monkeys of the world. These monkeys are gathering in extreme forces and will eventually become terrorist ninja monkeys using the intarnets guide i found on how to be a ninja, and some bomb making sites. My recommendation is that Australia gets new security as The Chaser boys proved we need it. The end. That will surely get me a pass! :-)

How awesome and ballsy are the Chaser boys, with not one, not two, but THREE awesome OPEC (uhhh sorry Austrians, I mean't APEC) pranks! Kudos to the guys who risked their liberty to give us entertainment and I am certainly looking forward to this weeks show!

It is interesting to note that the Chaser's roots go way back to the Crusades, when 5 knaves of the realm continually exploited weaknesses in King Richards security arrangements... sneaking pagans in through the fence to moon the royal court, pretending to summon demons in front ofhis generals for fun, not to mention having a team of artists to capture all the hilarity on high definition canvas, and thespians ready to provide a dramatic representation in the ampitheatre every Wednesday at 9pm sharp. These shennanigans henceforth evolved into the powerhouse that is the Chaser, and as you can see, not much has changed!

Alas, I must dive deep into the bowels of the laundry downstairs to retrieve mine work uniform and go bring home the bacon as it were. Tune in next week when I provide a pictorial account of the history of the Universe! ....maybe